Children's Aid Society of Mercer County


Our Mission

 Children's Aid Society of Mercer County is dedicated to support and strengthen children,

families and communities by providing multiple, creative and collaborative services.  


Celebrating 130 Years!


As  we observe 130 years of providing uninterrupted services to children  and families, we celebrate. We celebrate the 18-year-old young woman who  found her forever family through our Creating Foundations mentoring  program. We celebrate the adoptive families who are receiving countless  hours of support and advocacy through Children’s Aid Society’s SWAN Post Permanency services. We celebrate the children who remain in their family home  because of the intensive therapy provided to the family through Family Focus,  our family based mental health program. We celebrate the families who  leave our support groups with an increased awareness that they are not  alone in their challenges in parenting. We celebrate the children who  are lovingly cared for, who are learning new skills and who are making  lifelong friendships during their stay at our Keystone Stars 4 Star Jumpstart day care. We celebrate the individuals that are actively working  towards self-sustainability and becoming better parents as a result  their participation in Parenting, Life Skills and Anger Management  classes through our Family Life Program.  We celebrate the families that provide loving and safe environments for children placed in their homes through our Foster Care program. We celebrate the hundreds of children that we help understand  where they came from, who they are and where they are going through SWAN Child Preparation services. We celebrate the teens that experience a sense of normalcy  and acceptance from their peers when they attend the monthly Teen Group. We celebrate the children who are now safely tucked into a new car seat through our affiliation with the Safe Kids program. We celebrate all of our funding sources who continue to  believe that we are making a difference in the community. We celebrate  all of our collaborations with numerous agencies and organizations as  together, we will make a difference. We celebrate all who donate, in all ways, to our  agency so that we can continue to “go the extra mile” for the children  and families whom we serve. We celebrate our dedicated staff who  tirelessly work to help improve the lives of children and families. We  celebrate all the children, families and agency staff who have gone  before us and paved the way so that we can continue to make a  difference.  There is so much to celebrate every day in so many ways. We  celebrate!!

Deborah Judy

Executive Director


Highlight of the Month


This month we would like to give a HUGE shout out to our staff  and let the community know how hard they have been working during such a crazy time. Despite the Covid-19 breakout over the last few months, CAS and its staff have been dedicated to support and strengthen children, families and communities by providing multiple, creative and collaborative services uninterrupted! 

Our Family Based Mental Health Professionals have been able to meet with as many of their clients as possible and those they are not able to see in person, they have been able to communicate with thanks to technology.

 Our Family Life Program, has had some restrictions on their services due to the closing of the Mercer County Jail, but have otherwise also been able to use Zoom and other video chat platforms to ensure clients are still our main priority. 

Our Jumpstart Daycare facility has been able to remain open with modifications to hygiene and other Covid-19 related policies  to ensure those who are still attending remain safe and unaffected by the virus.

 Our Safe Kids program ran a fundraiser that was able to raise enough money to go towards 5 new pack N plays for parents in need!  

Our Adoption, Foster Care, Post Permanency, and Mentoring Programs have continued to provide services to the children and families with whom we work across the county, and other parts of the state. By using video chat platforms, on- call phones, and keeping the line of communication with each other open 24/7, things have been made to seem "normal" during such an unknown time.

Our Executive and Fiscal Directors stayed working in the office to ensure a successful financial audit at the end of May! 

Our Admin team has been working diligently at a distance to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks of our 131-year-old foundation!

We have always known that our staff were awesome, but seeing them thrive during a global pandemic has taken us to beyond proud to have such amazing individuals serving the Mercer County Region! 


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