About Us


Mission Statement

Children's Aid Society of Mercer County is dedicated to support and strengthen children, families, and communities by providing multiple, creative and collaborative services.


What We Are Doing Now

Today, we are helping children in Mercer County and beyond find loving families, and helping families give their children the resources and support they need to thrive. We understand the importance of a strong foundation when raising children, and we provide programs to help establish this foundation. With Family Focus, the Family Life Education Program, Adoption, Anger Management, Autism Support and our Jumpstart Daycare services, we strive to serve different family situations with the care they need. 

Director's Message

Children’s Aid Society of Mercer County was started in 1889 to take care of children because their parents could not – for whatever reasons. Reviewing the records of the past, and hearing stories from people who used to live here,  indicate that those reasons were often  economically based. Sometimes children stayed here for a short time, sometimes for a long time;  but often their stays were reoccurring – depending on the economic condition of their families.  

Today, no one lives here, but we continue to help children whose families cannot take care of them. The reasons are many – employment, housing, mental health issues, incarceration, custody issues, childhood disorders, lack of family and economic conditions. The ultimate focus of all of our programs is for children to grow into independent and self-sustaining adults.   

Our programs and services would not be successful without the support of our community. In so many ways the community is our partner as we support at-risk children and encourage/teach  their parents to accept the challenges in caring for their children. As our services change to meet the changing needs of the at- risk children in our care, we look forward to the support of that community partnership.   


Celebrating 130 Years

 As we observe 130 years of providing uninterrupted services to children and families, we celebrate. We celebrate the 18-year-old young woman who found her forever family through our Creating Foundations mentoring program. We celebrate the adoptive families who are receiving countless hours of support and advocacy through Children’s Aid Society’s SWAN Post Permanency services. We celebrate the children who remain in their family home because of the intensive therapy provided to the family through Family Focus, our family based mental health program. We celebrate the families who leave our support groups with an increased awareness that they are not alone in their challenges in parenting. We celebrate the children who are lovingly cared for, who are learning new skills and who are making lifelong friendships during their stay at our Keystone Stars 4 Star Jumpstart day care. We celebrate the individuals that are actively working towards self-sustainability and becoming better parents as a result their participation in Parenting, Life Skills and Anger Management classes through our Family Life Program.  We celebrate the families that provide loving and safe environments for children placed in their homes through our Foster Care program. We celebrate the hundreds of children that we help understand where they came from, who they are and where they are going through SWAN Child Preparation services. We celebrate the teens that experience a sense of normalcy and acceptance from their peers when they attend the monthly Teen Group. We celebrate the children who are now safely tucked into a new car seat through our affiliation with the Safe Kids program. We celebrate all of our funding sources who continue to believe that we are making a difference in the community. We celebrate all of our collaborations with numerous agencies and organizations as together, we will make a difference. We celebrate all who donate, in all ways, to our agency so that we can continue to “go the extra mile” for the children and families whom we serve. We celebrate our dedicated staff who tirelessly work to help improve the lives of children and families. We celebrate all the children, families and agency staff who have gone before us and paved the way so that we can continue to make a difference.  There is so much to celebrate every day in so many ways. We celebrate!!

Deborah Judy

Executive Director