"I felt this was an extraordinary program and feel that everyone that can 
should go through it.  It is a very educational program that helps to get 
people in touch with those that can help them.  They can get simple things 
such as just someone there to talk to or help with things such as finding a 
place to go.  People tend to forget how much the simplest act can change a 
persons life and that is what this program is all about.  This program is a 
profound thing that should be adopted by every state for what it can do for 
the society. "
    signed: 18 year old mentee

The services we have received, thus far, through CAS have been outstanding. 
We are so thankful we chose to work with CAS to adopt our children. :)  We 
prayed and asked God who we should go through and He led us to CAS.  Coming 
to the end of our adoption, we now clearly see why.  The long trips to CAS 
for training seemed too much from time to time but now know more than ever, 
it is right where we needed to go.  We feel the training we received was so 
valuable and as time goes on, we realize this even more and more.  There are 
so many days that we refer back to what we have reaped from CAS through 
training and individuals who have helped us in the process. Our caseworker has
been the absolute best in the whole process!  Originally we resisted 
the change from one worker to another but we now know our current caseworker IS 
who we needed in this process to get through all we have and to be 
continuing on.  We did not have complete information on our children and 
have ended up in a pretty rough situation now that things have come to 
light.  She has repeatedly brought to us things that we so desperately 
needed that we were not even aware of.  Her expertise and way of conveying 
information, wisdom, and truth to us was spot on.  We could not have managed 
this process without CAS and and our caseworker.  There were times that we were 
discouraged, confused, and overwhelmed and she was right there to help 
us find our way and offering such valuable insight right where needed.  She 
brought such a sensitive compassion to our children and helped understand 
their experience...again, something so needed yet unaware to us.  Our caseworker 
kept us on track but offered so much grace and love in the process.  We are 
immensely blessed to have had her in our lives and in  our adoption process. 
We look forward to finalizing our adoption through CAS in the very near 
future! :)

                                                signed: a current foster care family
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