Supervised Partial Custody Visitation

Children's Aid Society of Mercer County (CAS)  initiated our Supervised Partial Custody Visitation (SPCV) program in December 2014.
CAS advocates for a community in which all vulnerable families have access to safe and quality partial custody services and will act as the provider site.

The Family Life Education Director receives the referral information from the agency/individual and explains the three levels of service with fees to select from which are:

  1. Monitor (M) observe the SPCV and report
  2. Interact (ITA) observe, advice, guidance, re-direction
  3. Instruct (INS) observe, advice, guidance, re-direction and teach specific skill sets, as an individualized parenting session (based on referral and pre-testing), includes manual, homework and pre/post testing

The referring source will determine the level of service required for child(ren) and family.

The supervisor of the visit will facilitate the ongoing period of SPCV at CAS where privacy, safety and natural interactions are promoted.

Each individual participating in the SPCV will possess somewhat different roles and responsibilities that are essential in assisting the child(ren) and family to a successful partial custody visitation.

To inquire about our SPCV program please contact:

Sonia Bradshaw, Family Life Education Director
(724) 662-4730 Ext. 37

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