Parenting Quiz 
Instructions: Read each question carefully. Select the best answer. Click the link at the bottom to check your answers.

                  1. Behavior management is a general term used to describe:


                          a.  Techniques to help children learn desirable behaviors.

                          b.  A way to get children to behave perfectly.

                          c.  A way of punishing children.

                          d.  A way to help parents control the feelings of their children.


                  2. How does punishment differ from discipline?


                           a.  Punishment is establishing rules for a child; discipline is what a child receives after breaking the rules.

                           b.  Discipline is establishing rules for a child; punishment is what a child receives after breaking the rules.

                           c.  They don’t differ - - they are the same.

                           d.  Punishment is what a child gets for following the rules. There is no discipline.



                  3. Which of the following statements is the correct way to praise a child?


                            a.  “Sally, you washed the dishes.  What a great kid you are.”

                            b.  “You washed the dishes, but I only wish you could have put them away.”

                            c.  “You sure did a great job in washing those dirty dishes.”

                            d.  “Washing dishes is a tough job. Mommy really loves you.”


                  4.  Making appropriate expectations for children helps them:


                            a.  To feel good about themselves.

                            b.  To do what they’re supposed to do.

                            c.  To quit making mistakes.

                            d.  To quit getting into trouble.


                  5. When using ignoring as a behavior management technique, it is a good idea to:


                           a.  Let the child know you are ignoring him.

                           b.  Tell the child if he doesn’t stop that temper tantrum in one minute he will be spanked.

                           c.  Ignore the behavior for as long as it lasts.

                           d.  Watch the child misbehave.


                  6. The best way to help children understand their feelings is to:


                           a.  Listen quietly and attentively.

                           b.  Respect the child’s feelings. 

                           c.  Encourage the child to talk.

                           d.  All of the above

Check your answers!

**If you have missed 2 or more you should contact
Sonia Bradshaw, Family Life Education Director at
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