Parenting Made simple

Our mission is to prevent child abuse and negelct through community based education programs, workshops, and in-home services for families.

Improve Parenting Skills Through Learning!
Parenting skills are learned. The way that children are raised is directly influenced by the way their parents were raised. Given a choice, all families would choose to have healthy, happy interactions. To bring improvement to the family, all members must be involved in learning new skills.

The purpose of our Evidence Based Nurturing Program - written by Stephen Bavolek - is to increase parenting and nurturing skills of parents with their children and increase positive interactions within the family. The classes we offer are designed to be interesting, enjoyable, helpful, and informative. Parenting Educators are friendly and professional. Flexible scheduling hours help us meet the needs of our clients. We offer a variety of parenting services to families in Mercer County and throughout Pennsylvania. 

Remember that people who feel good about themselves have more potential to be nurturing to others. 

The goals:
Our programs focus on increasing community support for families, improving family interactions, increasing positive, nurturing parenting skills, and developing positive self esteem in children. The programs are designed for parents of any age with children ranging in age from 0-18 years old.

  1. Building self-awareness
  2. Positive concept/self esteem and levels of empathy
  3. Teach alternatives to hitting and yelling
  4. Enhance family communication and awareness of needs
  5. Replace abusive behaviors with nurturing behaviors
  6. Promote healthy physical and emotional development
  7. Teach appropriate role and developmental expectations
  • $75 fee
  • Minimum of eight (8) weeks of classes
  • Certificate of Program Completion
  • Discharge report to referring agency (if required)


For more information please contact:

Sonia Bradshaw
Family Life Education Director
(724) 662-4730 Ext. 37










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