Adoption and Permanency Services
SWAN is having trainings located at CAS.
If you would like to participate please contact Stephanie Fuge at or 724-662-4730 ext.46.

October 11, 2016-Session 1-How the System works

October 18, 2016-Session 2-Who the Children are/Who the Parents are

October 25, 2016-Session 3-Sexual Abuse

November 1, 2016-Session 4-Child Development/Grief & Loss

If  you have any questions please call for more information.

"Creating Foundations"
Children's Aid Society has developed a new mentoring program for youth aging out of the system. We are looking for individuals or families who are interested in providing guidance and support for older youth as they transition into adulthood.

For more information or to become a volunteer, contact Ken Laaks

The mission of the Children's Aid Society of Mercer County's Adoption Program is to provide permanent homes for children by offering, with dignity, comprehensive adoption services to all members of the birth family and community and to cooperatively network with all other adoption facilitators in a professional, knowledgeable and compassionate manner.

Areas Served

A variety of Adoption services are provided to families residing in Mercer County and surrounding counties up to a 100 mile radius. Licensed by the State of Pennsylvania, the Children's Aid Society Adoption Program can provide pre- and post-placement adoption services to residents of Pennsylvania only, however, we are permitted to place children in our custody out of state and have also facilitated the placement of children from other states with our waiting families. The Children's Aid Society of Mercer County's Adoption Program follows Interstate Compact requirements when working with Interstate placements and is able to provide pre- and post-placement services to virtually all families adopting internationally.

Adoption Services

The Children's Aid Society of Mercer County's Adoption Program functions as a full service adoption agency providing services to all participants of the adoption process. The adoption program offers:

  • Birth Parent Counseling and Advocacy - Free of Charge
  • Birth Parent/Adoptive Family Profiling
  • Adoptive Parent Training
  • Home Study Preparation
  • Placement Services
  • International Agency Contacts
  • Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Assistance
  • Networking
  • Post-placement Supervision & Reports
  • Birth Parent & Adoptee Searches for individuals adopted through CAS
  • Adoption Groups
  • SWAN Affiliate (State Wide Adoption Network) - provides all units of service offered by the SWAN program for PA families and children. - 1-800-585-SWAN
    • Family Profile
    • Child Profile
    • Child Preparation
    • Child specific Recruitment
    • Post Permanency Services


For more information regarding the adoption program call 724-662-4730 or email

Please visit to find more information and to see if foster care is the right option for you.

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